Women’s leadership and Egyptian community participation

Session Summaries

Women’s leadership and Egyptian community participation – Success stories


This session talks about how their families support them to become leaders and telling their success story


Noura Hasaballa

Nutritionist, TV Presenter & Certified Health Coach

Dr. Amina Hassab

Founder and CEO (Hassab Labs)

Dr. Heba Abdelgalil

Director of Notting Hill Programmes in Egypt

Conclusion and recommendations:

On behalf of Dr. Amina Hassab,

Every success story begins with passion. It’s a tough life but, when you have passion you go through anything.

She has learned that excellent service, is what makes people come to her lab.
Hassab Labs has now 31 branches, The balance between work and her life. She has begun to have a managerial structure, and of course family support was very important.
As she managed at the Lab, she managed at her own house. She has worked on automation and quality workshops.
Her husband was very supportive, her mum was her number one support and of course her children.

On behalf of Dr. Haba Abdelgalil,

She never thought of her job as a woman but I choose the people she worked with, that gave credit for supporting each other.
She always tries that the team have the same vision but never to destroy the team member’s vision in any way. She quotes” There’s always a challenge ahead.”
Her father is the greatest support in life, but he always has a solution. I owe it to my family and my team. Without a team there won’t be any success.

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