Women Empowerment from Male Perspective

Session Summaries

Women Empowerment from Male Perspective


This session concerns about women empowerment and their success despite all the challenges and how its seen from a man’s point of view to empower and support. Beside the role of media and TV hosts especially Talk shows in spotting the light on women achievements and represent their success.     


Moataz el Demerdash; Egyptian TV News Anchor & Host

Conclusion and recommendations:

Separate your personal life from your work, whatever is the business you are occupied in.

Stay positive and keep fighting for your dreams and learn how to motivate yourself because small results lead to bigger achievements.

We need to change our mentality and culture behavior in the direction of assisting women and supporting them through giving them their rights and it should be a governmental strategy.

My own opinion and what I do with my family that there are no restrictions, no one can force them to do anything, instead we talk and discs every thing depending on its situation.

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