The portals of Social Media

Session Summaries

The portals of Social Media, From a simple advice, community engagement to a business opportunity


This session shows how social media portals gave the opportunities to many people to go viral and begin their state ups.



Fatma Mouez, FounderEve Website and YouTube channel


Aia Faham, Life Couch, Yoga Instructor & Founder the LaLa Land

Angie Mohamed, Founder Let’s Care and Share

Heba Hassan El Maghraby, Obstetrician Consultant El Hayah Fertility Center

Lames Bakarat, FounderSelect Communications

Zeinab Al Ashry, Founder Confessions of a Married Woman

Conclusion and recommendations:

At first you may think it’s a hard think to do and no one will listen but on social media you will find people that may have the same life and the same problems or at least experiences that can benefit you in any way, you can change the prospective of a lot of people that didn’t know the truth or may change their way of thinking in a positive way , talking in issues no one can talk in and to educate ,empower and help people through reaching all people.

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