The influence of Arts on Women’s Life

Session Summaries

The influence of Arts on Women’s Life


This session talks about the media and press and its role in empowering women


Rolla Kharsa

Shahira salam

Heba Basha

Elham Shahin; Egyptian Actress

Conclusion and recommendations:

There are a lot of T.V. shows that are important for women and its always for women because most of the responsibilities falls on them and how they must keep pushing to maintain healthy relationship with men but also we need shows and programs for men to teach and educate about their duties and how to deal with women in a proper manner.

We are in the era of internet and social media, that helped in spreading news for millions in few seconds but we need to spot the light on both the rights and responsibilities for both genders specially we need to show successful women in all the community.

Women should stand for themselves and do not wait for someone to bring them their rights, they have to raise their voice against all harassments and difficulties they face, women are strong  and  should be respected.

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