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Startups & Entrepreneurship (How to build and manage a game changer)


This session will talk about entrepreneurship and how to manage them, what are the difficulties facing women to start their own business and the shift from corporate mind set to entrepreneurship one.



Zeinab Al Ashry

Founder (Confessions of a Married Woman)


Kimberly Roberts

Writer, Traveler and General Manager / Founder(Grand Giza Boutique Hotel)

Dr. Heba Abdelgalil

Director of Notting Hill Programs in Egypt

Marian Maraky

Former Head of Communications, Orange Egypt (Marketing & Communications Expert)

Dr. Nashwa Nashaat

Medical Director (Lilly Pharmaceutical Company)

Senida Kiehl

Founder (EEE Awards)

Conclusion and recommendations:

Legislation, personal mentality and culture are the most three difficulties facing women as an entrepreneur, those are found in the difficulty gaining the proper business education , their own mentality that in many cases are restricted by their roles as mothers and being a good wives only and the last thing is the surrounding culture -which is changing now-  that affects the way people looking at working women and can’t understand their passion for success.

To be a successful entrepreneur you must change your mind set and shift it from the corporate system that somehow reduces your ability to educate your self and make your own creation because it supports your mind to cop with the system and keeps you limited, to the entrepreneur or actually CEO mind set where you must keep pushing yourself, set your own goals, force yourself to be discipline and aware of all your actions.

In the business field every thing move faster than In corporate which you have to adapt with and follow up with every detail in your business, educate your self and learn new things, in this field you should do every thing by your self and monitor every act and at the end you must face failure and learn from it.     

The advises that all experts agree on are that be a doer not a dreamer if you want something just do it, motivate yourself, stay positive and seek advice from experienced people learn from their failure it makes difference in your decision and stop whining, live the life and take actions and don’t search for excuses.    

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