Private Public Partnerships (PPP)

Session Summaries

Private Public Partnerships (PPP)


This session talks about the importance of the partnership of the public and private and how they are successful projects and have a positive impact on the community.


Nermine Tahoun

Founder & Managing Director (Tahoun Law Office & Consultation)

Dr. Nihal El Shakankiry

Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology(Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University)

Nour El Zeny

General Manager Corporate Communication (Suez Canal Bank)

Sandra Azmy

Women’s Rights Program Director (CARE)

Conclusion and recommendations:

Most of private public partnership work is in Upper Egypt and highlighting violence against women, economic empowerment for women, invitation to have a partnership with governmental entities to have rules and polices for women rights, and lastly none of that will happen unless we worked with NGOs in the societies with work with.

The aim is to spread those projects through the community up 10,000 women to be in benefit.

Beginning from scratch with a private entity to public with a project, started with a donation for curing children’s eyes and ongoing operations, now it’s one of the largest departments even we get cases from outside Egypt serving patients totally free of charge. The major award was giving a gift of the eyes of those children. The efforts of kind Businessmen and investments.

It is important that when a company works on economic activity when it also operates in social activity, as stated in research there’s an increase of 28% of its profits, the activity is bound to the goals of the institution and works with the goals of sustainable development by 2030, it is necessary commercially, socially and environmentally.

The government has a very important role. The private sector with civil society institutions with the government.

In certain days of the year, we must work on supporting of workers in social activities, and awareness for their health and education.

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