Opening Session

Session Summaries

Opening Session

Women Empowerment

The improvement of their business, social, economic and health status


This session talks about the importance of women empowerment and how it affects all aspects of women’s life


Dr. Ahmed El Chal – Expand Chairman

Ghada Hammouda

Chief Sustainability & Marketing Officer (Qalaa Holdings)

Dr. May El Batran
Chair member (Egyptian Parliament)

Dr. Nashwa Nashaat

Medical Director (Lilly Pharmaceutical Company)

Dr. Nehal Balbaa

Dentist & Deputy Governor (El Behira)

Taghreed Hussien
Goodwill Ambassador & President (Nile International TV)

Zeina Tawakol

Director of Business Development and Fundraising (Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation)

Conclusion and recommendations:

It’s very important to empower women in all aspects of women’s life as business, social, economic, and health status because women tend to make a difference in the community.

Passion is the main trigger for women’s path and definitely is the key to success in that session we very important role models that encourage women empowerment.

Sustainability and empowerment there’s a very important bond, you can’t have GDP growth or economic development without activating this huge force of women empowerment.
Families and Fathers that support women empowerment make a huge difference of how women are formulated in the community.

Encouraging young women to participate in cultural activities and present ideas and also giving them loans to start businesses.

Having presentence and resilience to reach a goal, it is hard to grow in social work in a city that women didn’t have a voice, but with the help of men in the community and believing that women have the power to make a difference.

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