Inspiring story of an Egyptian global role model entrepreneur

Session Summaries

Inspiring story of an Egyptian global role model entrepreneur

It’s not the matter of dreams or ambitions, but it’s all about hard work to get experience and respect.


This session talks about the importance of hard work to get experience and respect


Enan El Galaly

Founder & President (Helnan International Hotels), “1st Degree knight of Dannebrog”

Conclusion and Recommendations

Women today have a great role in our lives, once a woman did rule Egypt.
Now, women can be a director of a company or a bank, Enan lives in a country that its be prime minister is a woman, he believes that women always take the lead , Mr. Enan’s case story begins with there is no impossible , there’s no failure he doesn’t believe in luck it’s only from Allah.

He doesn’t believe in long-term goals but short term goals that build day by day and step by step.
Only uses logic and current situations as they are.
People who have knowledge and experience are much more powerful, but no one was harsh on Enan everyone accepted him as he is.
He was always the last and far from the ball in sports but the community never punished him for that, he always wished to be one of the best, one the black panthers but always he had self-confidence.
When he travelled he was bullied and exposed to racism, but he was always working with respect.

One of the examples he gave was the lady the sells corn, as a businesswoman. He is with honoring the women they really work hard for their families.
Family support is very important; he would never imagine but every day is a different story.
He always says behind every great man, there’s a great woman supporting him.

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