Improving Women’s Health

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Improving Women’s Health


Raising powerful cultures and civilizations is strongly related with Women’s Health and that’s why all well-developed civilizations are mindful for improving and enhancing women’s health in all aspects.



Heba Maher; TV presenter(DMC channel)


Dr. Ayman Abu El Nour;

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, (Ain Shams University)

Dr. Mohamed Emara;

General Manager (Baheya Charity Women’s Cancer Hospital)

Dr. Radwa Mehana;

Ass. Prof. of Medical Physiology (Alexandria University)

Conclusion and recommendations:

Family planning is one of the tools and strategies of the government to improve women health, it’s not only to limit the population rate it’s also to help women to maintain healthy and balanced body because she is not a machine, and that’s why contraception pills is one of the strategies that helps in managing pregnancy rates and population percentage for healthy women and better economy.

 Breast cancer is one of the most common and diffuse cancer of all kinds especially for women, and it was found that for each three women have cancer one of them has breast cancer although it’s the most curable type as well if we cured it in its early stages, and the most relevant symptoms for this disease are lumps in the breast and skin irritation, beside women should not fear the medication and examination  because  it does not has any side effects on them and they must keep on examining themselves from the age 25 years old.

The stem cells was discovered 20 years ago that can be found all over the body specially in bones and the umbilical cord, and it works mainly on rebuilding and renewing any injuries occurred in the body because it can self-division and build new cells through generating secretion that help the body to rebuild itself, and  it is used in skin care to cure and improve skin cells and it can replace fillers with organic and living cells, and it can be extracted from  body fat without any surgeries and without any side effects because it taken from the host body. 

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