Digital Media and how to create a public impact.

Session Summaries

Digital Media and how to create a public impact.

E-Commerce: Efficiency versus Experience.


This session talks about how digital media and technology affected different industries and how personal branding is important


Mahmoud Mansi

Faculty Instructor & Senior OD Specialist (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport)

Amany El Torgoman

MD of Travco Group & Head of Tourism Sector (Egypt’s Global Gate – EG-Gate)

Hossam Saleh

Chief Operating Officer (Egyptian Media Group)

Irini Refaat

Chief Technology & Digital Transformation Officer (Pharos Holding for Financial Investments)

Dr. May El Batran

Chair member (Egyptian Parliament)

Mousafa Abou Gamra

Founder & CEO (MediaSci)

Nevine El Labban

Executive Chairperson (Ezz El Arab Group)

Nour El Zeny

General Manager Corporate Communication (Suez Canal Bank)

Conclusion and Recommendations

Personal Branding is important and why we need to give it that importance. Each entity should have an identity foe personal branding one so that gives trust to the people, and trust is the key.
It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Social Media has a very great impact on Tourism in Egypt. Whether what is written is positive or negative, Touristic companies always try to show and deliver the message of how beautiful and safe the country is, with true evidence. 

Digital media, access of information is much easier and can influence the decision of the buyer. Potential buyers can compare much easier by preference or prices.  Linking the car owner to the brand through holistic experience which explains the personal branding of car brand and owner.

The value of digital marketing has changed, there were 3 – 4 agencies now, there are more than are 3000 agencies. There is about 55 million users to the internet.

Through collecting data, agencies can know very important insights about products, potential buyers, what they watch or what they listen to.

3D printing is the new era in industry. As the change money is now transformed to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Social media and the digital media has a great effect, like companies that can sell rooms without having rooms or accommodation. 52% of brands are known through the internet, sometimes companies forget the human factor, most companies’ employees talk on behalf of the company on the social media. It’s about fairness, the person is ranked according to his or her talents or how they need to develop so gender won’t be an issue anymore.

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