Business and Life Balance

Session Summaries

Business and Life Balance


This session talks about how to find balance in life and the way to implement it between social life and work field through sharing the experience of some special women who achieved balance in their life.



Hoda El Beih
Corporate Consultant, Trainer and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)


Dr. Ebtissam Farid;

Co-founder & Senior Architect(ENCODE Studio)

Haydee Rita Gomez;

Cultural Attaché (Embassy of Panama)

Jennifer Orlando;

Deputy Head of Mission and Consul (Embassy of Malta)

Nazek  El-Wakeel;

Senior Programs & Cooperation Specialist, Women’s Studies & Social Transformation (WSST) Program & Academic and Research Sector (Library of Alexandria)

Neveen Kenawy;

General Coordinator at Jazz Tales Festivals of Egypt, General coordinator Alexandria Summer Festival, Deputy Director Cairo Jazz Festival (Library of Alexandria)

Noura Hasaballa;

Nutritionist, TV Presenter & Certified Health Coach

Dr. Rania Yehia;

Professor at the higher institute of art criticism & Member (National Council of Women)

Dr. Riham Ghalab;

Manager of non-communicable disease presidential campaign

Conclusion and recommendations:

Balance in life is gained through finding your true joy and inner peace that motivates you to keep going in your successful life, secondly you must organize your priorities to decide and create your path and passion in life.

As for other people in your life especially other women that should have support, motivation and learn from you or to share your experience with and also listen from them.

Finally, we should talk and share with trusted people surrounding us to keep going because it’s not that easy to achieve great things.

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