Nada Reda


– Coordinator of the project of improving the achievement of pupils and their parents funded by the European union and save the children foundation with “student care (reaiat altalaba)’’ association.

 – psychologist in the national foundation for family and community development, project for the rehabilitation and integration of child victims of violence and victimization with the support of the “united nations UNICEF’’.

 – field supervisor in “outpouring to all nations” foundation to support and improve livelihoods of children and women in “manddellar son of grace preparatory school” in kpando –torkor, Ghana.

– committee member in the “united nations’’ organization in “Burj al Arab” for supervising the nutrition of refugees.

 – programs developer in “my voice (sawty)” association, Sousse, Tunisia, for the people living with disabilities especially the women in.

– participated with the Egyptian red crescent in a health and safety program, through the implementation of awareness campaigns for children, and the program of psychological support for disasters.

 – participated as a facilitator in the (fan a) initiative with caritas and unhcr, for activities.

 – participated as facilitator and trainer with the directorate of social solidarity in the “let’s (benna)“initiative for raising awareness against sexual harassment of shelter children.

– work for one year in administration for the association of Egyptian families produced, for the fulfillment of my public service.

 – work as a psychodrama trainer for the “plan foundation” with refugee children through camps. – giving lectures using the art therapy in the regional union of charities in Alexandria.

 – work as public relations manager at “benaa el ghadd” foundation, which seeks to develop the skills of psychologists.

 – work with the help of Tunisian trainer\ moaaz kadri in theatrical therapy workshops in Jordan with the youth of al zaitoun and zaatari camp.

– serving as a customer service in club 7 destination – international tourism company.

– working as an assistant director in fox power electronic.

 – participated as a facilitator in the (fan a) initiative with caritas and unhcr for activities