Mahmoud Mansi

Human Capital Advisor & Lecturer

  • Mahmoud Mansi (7 times global TEDx speaker) is currently leading the marketing initiatives at the Arab institute for leadership development at AASTMT university in addition to being a lecturer at the institute.
  • He is also a human capital consultant and trainer in GCC & Egypt working mainly with ministries, semi-gov, ngos and corporate.
  • He is the founder & chairperson of hr revolution middle east magazine, and a global trainer at the human capital institute in the us.
  • Mahmoud is currently a judge at the middle east & north Africa Stevie®️awards, and gulf sustainability awards for the year 2021.
  • Mahmoud is also an award-winning author with 9 books published in human resources, entrepreneurship, literature, feminism, theatre, and humanitarian themes.
  • Mahmoud travelled and spoke in conferences in Egypt, UAE, India, KSA, Italy and UK about his ideas in human resources and community development. Mahmoud spoke in major HR conferences including shrm, atd & addition his mba degree and dba study, Mahmoud has acquired 18 certifications in his profession in change management, strategic HR, talent management, agile HR: PAPITM3 | GLA360 | SHRBP | SWP | CMHR | ATM | CEP | HCS | EPL | CHO | CSSMBB | HCS | LDSS | CGRA | CLDM | AHRP.