Shahira Sallam

Shahira Sallam

Egyptian Scenarist & book author

She holds a High Diploma in Script (Introductory Master) Higher Institute of Cinema and a bachelor’s degree in the Higher Institute of Cinema.

Her work in 2005 “El Hayah Montaha El laza” Movie the story, the scenario, and the dialogue, in 2006 “Awlad Elshawaree” series the story, scenario, and dialogue and in 2013 “Noktet Da’af” Series the story, scenario, and dialogue. She wrote in 2015 “Oreed Ragolan” Series and in 2018 “Lelhob Forsa Akhera” Series.

She was Awarded for best screenplay, first place submitted by Alexandria Film Festival – Competition, Mamdouh Ellithy on the screenplay of the film “My Love” at Alexandria Festival – October 2019.

She was honored by a Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Culture – The general palaces of culture to celebrate honoring the Egyptian woman – February 2019.

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