Sara Eid

Sara Eid

Deputy Director of Macro-Fiscal Policy Unit at Ministry of Finance

She worked for 19 years as Senior economist currently holding the position of the Head of Fiscal Transparency & Citizen Engagement Unit- Ministry of Finance, previously Deputy Director of Macro Fiscal Policy Unit

Senior Economist -Directly Reporting to Vice Ministers and Minister.

She has a Bachelor degree of Science in Economics, Minor: Political Sciences Faculty of Economics and Political Science- French Section, Cairo University- Egypt

A Diploma from IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Holland in Sustainable Local Economic Development special focus on Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium enterprises, Chicago Booth Executives program and a certificate from National School of Administration (ENA) France

She is passionate about using Socio-Economics and social entrepreneurship to introduce a real transformation in the livelihood of poorest segments in the society while bridging the knowledge and skills gaps between government and citizens by raising awareness and citizen engagement among a wide range of Stakeholders while Enhancing Public management of funds and resources to reach 2030 Egypt goals.

Sara has been doing this through her leadership of the Government Fiscal Transparency reform agenda for the last 4 years within the macro-Fiscal Policy Unit, as a result, Egypt’s score on the only independent and measurable evidence-based global fiscal transparency escalated by 25 basis points in 2017.

Sara is currently managing the transparency file with over 40 non-governmental organizations involved from around the country. While holding leadership positions in two non-profit organizations (Esma3ouna fi amal & hands Together) dedicated to helping Egypt’s disadvantaged populations in 3 slum areas around Cairo and the poorest villages in Fayoum with a special focus on women and children at risk empowerment.

Sara is a Member of two pillars of “Economic” and “Transparency & Anti-Corruption”, in Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, also a member in & National Statistical Strategy carried both by CAPMAS for 2030 Goals’ performance Indicators.

Member in the “National Strategy of Financial Literacy” committee headed by Egyptian banking institute and Central Bank of Egypt, and a Member in the technical committee for the implementation of “Arabsat” by the Arab Monetary Fund.

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