Riham Ghalab

Riham Ghalab

Manager of non-communicable disease presidential campaign

She is not only the Manager of presidential non-communicable disease initiative

(100 million wellness) but also, the Manager of the media campaign of (100 million wellness).

She is the Manager of the awareness campaign of (100 million wellness).

She is a consultant in disaster medicine management.

She is not only the Undersecretary of Egyptian national scientific committee of diabetes mellitus but also, the Undersecretary of the Egyptian national scientific committee of rheumatic heart disease.

She is the Coordinator of the floating hospital (a partnership between the ministry of health and rotary). She is a Board member of Safwaa Algulf hospital.

She is not only a member of the scientific council for the Arab diploma of disaster medicine management but also a lecturer in disaster medicine management.

Her main career objective is marketing in health care and executive management.

She works on her Administrative and Training skills where she can contribute her organization with her scientific experience.

Looking forward to a fulltime position in hospital management and disaster management, where she can demonstrate her practical and scientific skills and contribute to the hospital promotion.

She holds a master’s degree from Ain-Shams Medical School, a High Diploma in Cardiology and a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

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