Rana El Kassas

Rana El Kassas

Presenter at Nile TV International Channel

She has more than 22 years of experience gained through being a TV reporter, LIVE News Anchor, and Entertainment Shows Presenter on-air, on both NILE TV International and the Egyptian Radio and Television Union.

Rana is popular with viewers and accessible, well-traveled with a genuine interest in a variety of subjects. She is able to quickly gain the trust of sources and enterprise exclusive story ideas.

LIVE shows and News enabled her to build a strong capability to stay calm and “think on her feet” during any unexpected incident or equipment malfunction.

Having worked with State-Owned Television, she prides herself on being able to demonstrate a natural talent for reaching out to many segments of the community; Political, Economic, Entertainment and social.

She has earned a reputation among management, piers, and viewers as someone who brings news dynamic into broadcasts and remains in-tune with public needs and wants.

Strong relations and networking on different levels with many sectors such as Government Officials, Media, and Celebrities.

Her ability to present herself as the serious News Anchor with tonality and presentation; while also ensuring she comes across with tonality to present the highly viewed Entertainment Shows “Nile Cruise”, “Zoom In”, “Music Show” and recently “Cairo Local Time”.

She is currently working as the Senior News Reader and Presenter at NILE TV International.niletv

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