Radwa Mehana

Radwa Mehana

A. Prof. of Medical Physiology at Alexandria University

Dr. Radwa holds a Ph.D., which is an Assistant Professor of Medical Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.

She is also the vice executive manager and the stem cell lab coordinator in the Center of Excellence for Research in Regenerative Medicine and its Applications (CERRMA).

She has about 14 years’ experience in the field of Stem Cells and Cell culture; she is a member of the International Society of Stem cells Research (ISSCR), Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine international society (TERMIS) and International Society of Extracellular vesicles.

Dr. Radwa is a pioneer in the research applications of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine and having eminent publications in this field.

Besides her work, she is a Member of the “Egyptian association of the advancement of medical basic sciences” (EAMBS) since 2006. She is the Official Monitor to the Eurobservational program, heart failure long term registry, Atrial fibrillation ablation registry, and peripartum cardiomyopathy registry in EGYPT since 2012.

She has been a reviewer in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, a reviewer in the Journal of Translational Medicine and a reviewer Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences since 2015.

She participated in top conferences and workshops especially, “Annual conference of Egyptian society of Cardiology (Cardio Alex).”  since 2002.

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