Heba Mohamed Basha

Heba Mohamed Basha

Heba Mohamed Basha

Editor in Chef at Nisf El Donia Magazine

26 years of experience in the field of women’s and social journalism

* Weekly columnist for Nisf El-dunia Magazine

* Article writer for Bwabet Al-Ahram

* Article writer for the Arab magazine Hawa issued by the Arab Women Organization

* Member of the Media Committee of the National Council for Women

* Media expert in the field of media awareness in the field of trafficking in women and children (giving awareness lectures to many media workers, NGOs and lawyers)

* Lecturing new recruits at Al-Ahram Foundation to introduce how to develop editorial publications to keep pace with progress and competition at Al-Ahram Regional Institute


The journey started since she was a student in the university’s first year as a coach, then she graduated from the professional work as a journalist in Al-Ahram until she got to the position of editor-in-chief for the oldest women’s magazine in Egypt, during which she carried out many critiques that became the talk of news agencies such as talking to a number of first women from several countries and political investigations  The most important social and dialogues are with a number of Arab women first (Suha Arafat “Palestine” – Sheikha Sabika “Bahrain” – Sheikha Latifa “Kuwait” – Mrs. Ahlam Al-Bashir “Sudan”) and prominent Arab figures such as Khaled Mashaal in addition to preparing complete specialized files on Egyptian and Arab women  Political problems (participation in parliament), social and economic.

* Several special solos for the magazine, for example, and not limited to …

– Testimony of the magazine before the British Scotland Yard after obtaining new evidence in the killing of Souad Hosni in 2001

– Reaching the only Egyptian dead in the September 11 events in America, alone, in dialogue with his family before the Egyptian and international newspapers, 2001.

– Preparing a file for the first time on the aspects of human trafficking in Egypt entitled “Humans for Sale” 2010

– Preparing specialized supplements to educate women and children, such as “My Right in My Constitution – Directed for Children”, “Simplifying the Articles of the Constitution” – 2013 “Dealing with Marriage in a Child’s Tale 2014” – “Your Guide to Happy and Safe Motherhood 2014” – “Children’s Guide to Protection from Harassment 2014”

– Preparation of the first Egyptian media supplement on bullying in Egypt, entitled electronic bullying in May 2018, and it was approved by the European Union as the first educational, media and research supplement on bullying in Egypt.

– Preparing the bullying supplement and our children in October 2018 with entering schools in the magazine Half of the World was issued in Arabic and English to educate all government and international schools and preparing the bullying supplement and our children 4 full pages of awareness published in Al-Ahram newspaper (October 2018) was used in preparing awareness workshops in many Egyptian schools in Egypt  .

– The only dialogue in the world with Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife of the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

The first dialogue with Judge Counselor Khaled Mahjoub, the judge who proved to President Mohamed Morsy his involvement in the phone call.

– To publish the most important 50 photographs of the storming of Wadi el-Natrun prison during the revolution.

* Official of the Presidency in the Half-World Magazine and covering the activities of the Presidency of the Republic from 1997 to 2010.

* (1996-2006) Responsible for preparing and organizing symposia for the “Nisf El-dunia” magazine annually during the month of Ramadan. More than 150 Egyptian personalities were hosted in the fields of literature, culture, media, art, and sports.

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