Enan El Galaly

Enan El Galaly

Enan El Galaly

Founder & President of Helnan International Hotels

helnan EgyptHe left Egypt with ten English pounds starting his career as a newspaper seller and a dishwasher, would become after years, the Senior Advisor for the International Association for University Presidents, Knight of Dannebrog of Denmark, the Founder and president of Helnan International Hotels among others.

He had neither money, experience nor even an education, therefore; he had to depend on his mind, his initiative, and hard work when deciding to wash dishes for the purpose of getting a meal in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Then he took up different jobs in hotels and restaurants to increase his business experience. He joined the hotel and restaurant school in Denmark and developed his knowledge by taking special studies in economics at the school of commerce and a degree from The Hotel and Restaurant School. After several years in Denmark, he became a Danish citizen.

Soon, he made his way up the ladder of the hospitality industry by volunteering for jobs in his spare time besides being a management trainee in different positions. Then, he joined The Hvide Hus Hotel in Aalborg, as an Assistant General Manager, when he was still in his early twenties.

A few years later he was appointed as General Manager of Hvide Hus Hotel in Aalborg when he was in his late twenties, then attained a top position as managing director and board member of the Hvide Hus Hotel Chain (Eight Hotels, Concert House and Management Corporation) by the time he was only thirty.

Recently, and after so many years, he has acquired Hvide Hus hotels in Koge and Aalborg, that one day he was their managing director.


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