Elham Shahin

Elham Shaheen

Elham Shahin

Egyptian Actress

She was born in Heliopolis, Elham graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts, acting division in 1982. Director Kamal Yassin launched her career by giving her a role in his made-for-TV-play “Hooreya men Al Marikh” (Mermaid from Mars).

She starred in many TV shows including: “Akhu El Banat” (Brother of the Sisters), “Al El Bahr” (The Ocean Said), “Hatta la Yakhtaniq Al-hob”(So Love Doesn’t Suffocate) “Nisf Rabia’ Al Akhar” (The second half of Spring), “Layaly Al Helmeya” (Nights of Helmeya), and “Samhoony, Makansh Asdy” (I’m Sorry…I didn’t mean to).

She also won many awards for her film roles in “The Gentle” and “Ya Dunia Ya Gharamy” (Oh World, Oh my Love).

She is known for her versatility in choosing different types of roles both in film and the small screen.

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