Dr Amina Hassab

Amina Hassab

Dr Amina Hassab

Founder and CEO of Hassab Laboratories

hassab_logoFounder and CEO of Hassab Laboratories

She is a Professor in Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University.

She was a graduate of English Girl’s College Alexandria year 1968

M.B.B.Ch, Faculty Of Medicine ,Alexandria University 1974 with honors.

MSc Microbiology Oklahoma State University U.S.A 1978.

Ph.D  Of Medicine ,Alexandria University 1988.

Diploma1 of Total Quality Management in Healthcare Reform AUC 2008.

She started educating laboratory staff all over the country about Laboratory management and Quality standards by doing an annual ‘Quality assurance and Laboratory Workshop’ since 2005 and still going on. She was also The Medical Supervisor for The Laboratories Of Alexandria University Hospitals from March 2005 till 1st of September 2009

She was the coordinator of Fellowship Committee in Alexandria faculty Of Medicine from 2004 till 2007 and still a member of Quality Council of Healthcare Quality & Accreditation unit of Alex university Hospital since October 2008

Dr Amina established Hassab Laboratories since 1991

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