Dr. Ahmed El Chal

Dr. Ahmed ElChal

Dr. Ahmed El Chal

ICOMGroup’s Chairman

icomDr. Ahmed El Chal is ICOMGroup’s Chairman, MecoMed trusted partner, ICCA member, IAPCO Accredited member and AMC Institute member

He is Board member, Amicale des Anciens Elèves du Collège Saint Marc

He is a Project Manager; stent save a life – Egypt

He graduated from Saint-Marc college in 1989 with great grades that qualified him to enter the faculty of medicine. In 7 years, he earned his bachelor’s degree from the faculty. He specialized in Pediatric medicine and traveled to have training in Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen – Denmark in the pediatric field.

Having 20 years of experience in organizing and marketing conferences, exhibitions, corporate and special events, workshops and symposia offering a comprehensive program of services including complete operations management, full-scale marketing, social and corporate networking, and conference fund-raising, ICOM expanded to have a branch in Cairo as well as a branch in Dubai.

Dr. Ahmed managed to explore the Gulf market by opening the UAE office in Dubai in 2013 and with the experience he has, he built up a great reputation in the quality of work. ICOM is one of the two companies that has been certificated by IAPCO in the organization field in Egypt and one of six companies in the Middle East and the only company in Egypt to be a member of ICCA. In 2011, Ahmed had an outstanding experience as a Project Manager of ‘Stent Save Life’ International initiative caring of Coronary Diseases patients in Egypt and sharing in the project implementation in several countries in Gulf and the Middle East


As for his social life, Dr. Ahmed has served his community by all means. Since he was a student, he served in the school’s scout and even after his school graduation, he became one of the leaders & responsible of his scout Coeurs Vaillants Saint-Marc. he joined an association which helps the school’s graduates providing them the support they need in their life after school and he became a board member till the time being.

He helped to organize many events with the association as blood donations, fundraising, etc..

Ahmed joined other associations in the business field to help out with his experience in innovative new ideas and projects. He has the lead in preparing several workshops in the Tourism field with the Alexandria Business Association – ABA and the several field trips he operated to increase the importance of the touristic sites in Egypt. Ahmed is one of the first people who is aiming to have a conference bureau in Egypt as well as having Egypt remarked on the global map as the landmark of the Health Tourism.

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