Angie Mohamed


Angie Mohamed

The founder of Let's Care and Share

lets careShe has graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy with high grades and tried working for some time in the pharmacy field but she always felt that something is missing and that this is not what she supposed to be doing with her life so she quit and took the decision of shifting her career…

Then, she decided to teach English, a job which she absolutely loved and excelled at!

But again something was missing, and again she was not totally convinced that this was the right job for me as well as getting bored of the daily routine… so once again she quit her job, took some time off, kept thinking and thinking of what she wants to be doing and what she is most passionate about!

She is so passionate about social media and the impact it has on people’s lives and the fun part of interacting with different people and getting to share and learn new things!

She is the founder of Let’s Care and Share.

So she decided to create a Facebook women community group to support and empower women in everything they need, helping them to find jobs, to make new connections and friendships, organizing events to help business owners with their projects, getting experts in different fields to do videos to give them important pieces of advice and to answer all their questions and including some charity work for hospitals in need as well as animals shelters and etc

Been three years since she created that platform and she so happy and privileged with the impact and benefit that’s been added to women’s lives and she still has so many things in my mind that she is planning to start to help empower more women in every single way possible.

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