Amany Torgoman

Amany Torgoman

Amany Torgoman

Head of the Tourism Sector, Egypt's Glocal GATE EG-Gate

EG GATEShe is an Egyptian businesswoman and tourism expert who held several positions.

She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Travco Group and Hotels in 2011 and a member of the Union of Chambers of Tourism in 2013

She represented Egypt in many international conferences and exhibitions.

She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, and she is fluent in several languages, mainly English and French.

She was honored by Amwal Al Ghad magazine in a list of 50 women who are considered to be the most influential in the Egyptian economy. In 2014 she was nominated for the post of Egyptian Minister of Tourism, where she met with the Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, succeeding Hisham Mehleb in the new government formation.

Currently, she is the Head of the Tourism Sector, Egypt’s Glocal GATE EG-Gate.

She participated in the founding the company in 2016 and started working in November 2017

She developed revenue growth plans using existing strategies of the Company’s tourism sector, developed and implemented current strategies for the tourism sector to suit the current internal and external conditions of the country strategies within the budget available to the company.

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